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Straightening your teeth or closing gaps between them doesn’t have to take years. The most popular accelerated options are clear aligners, including Invisalign and Spark Aligners. Clear aligners usually take about half the time of traditional braces.

Another option is Six Month Smiles®. This orthodontic treatment uses low-profile clear braces or nearly invisible aligners to correct mild crowding and close small gaps in an average of six months. Dr. Tostado offers Six Month Smiles as one alternative to traditional braces. While it isn’t the treatment of choice for most patients, it can be helpful for a limited number of cases.

What Is Six Month Smiles?

Six Month Smiles® clear brackets on teeth (left) and clear aligners held up to teeth (right).
Six Month Smiles® clear brackets and nearly invisible aligners

Six Month Smiles is a short-term orthodontic treatment for correcting mild teeth crowding and gaps, focusing on the front teeth. The treatment uses clear aligners for the mildest cases and clear brackets with tooth-colored wires for others. Some patients are eligible for a mix of aligners and brackets.

What Are the Advantages of Six Month Smiles?

The advantages of Six Month Smiles compared with traditional braces include the following:

  • Speed: Six Month Smiles can be effective for cosmetic imperfections in teeth in as few as six months. Treatment time ranges from six to ten months.
  • Aesthetics: Six Month Smiles clear brackets or clear aligners are less noticeable than metal braces, helping you feel more confident about smiling with braces.
  • Less Discomfort: Clear braces and aligners exert less initial force on your teeth, feeling more comfortable when you get them. Also, they feel much more comfortable than metal braces throughout treatment.
  • Cost: Six Month Smiles is usually less expensive than other braces because treatment time is shorter. How much money you save depends on your case and treatment time.

What Are the Limitations of Six Month Smiles?

Dr. Tostado’s specialized training in orthodontics helps him anticipate the results you can expect with Six Months Smiles and determine whether it can improve your smile while preserving your oral health. Some patients get great results with Six Month Smiles. Still, the treatment has limitations, including the following:

  • Treatment scope: Six Month Smiles focuses on mild crowding and spacing in front teeth. If you have a misaligned bite, another option may be best for you. Dr. Tostado will discuss those treatment options with you.
  • Case complexity: Depending on the complexity of your case, Six Month Smiles may not produce your desired results. If so, Dr. Tostado will recommend alternatives.

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Consulting with an orthodontist before choosing any braces ensures you get safe and effective treatment. Call Lake Travis Orthodontics in Bee Cave to schedule a consultation with Dr. Alberto Tostado or complete our appointment request form.