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Asian teenage boy cooking, for information on orthdontics for Down's Syndrome, autism, and special needs.Orthodontics can improve the oral health and smile of a child or adult with Down syndrome, autism, or special needs and boost their confidence. However, your child or loved one may be apprehensive in a dental office or have sensory challenges with lights, sounds, or sensations during dental care. Dr. Alberto Tostado of Bee Cave has experience treating mild to moderate special needs patients. He understands the importance of minimizing sensory triggers in the dental office and helping your loved one feel safe and comfortable throughout orthodontic treatment.

What Can You Do Before an Orthodontic Visit?

Healthy teeth and gums promote successful orthodontic treatment. Studies show that children with developmental or intellectual disorders have higher dental plaque and gum inflammation levels. So, ensure you have a good routine for helping them brush and floss their teeth. Before visiting Dr. Tostado, schedule a dental appointment for your child or loved one for these services:

  • Dental cleaning
  • Exam to detect signs of tooth decay
  • Exam to detect signs of gum disease

Some parents of children with Down syndrome or special needs prepare with steps like these:

  • Drive by Dr. Tostado’s office with the child or take pictures of the outside and inside to show their child.
  • Explain to the child what will happen during the visit.
  • Visit the office with the child early or later in the day when few people or only staff members are present.

What Kind of Braces Work for Someone with Special Needs?

Some children and adults with Down syndrome, autism, or special needs can tolerate the feel of traditional braces, but others can’t. Also, it can be challenging to help someone with special needs keep their teeth clean when they wear braces. Clear aligners are an excellent alternative, but adjusting to how they feel still takes time.

Advantages of Clear Aligners

  • Much more comfortable
  • No potential poking and sores as with braces with brackets and wires
  • Removable for eating, brushing, and flossing, promoting good oral hygiene

Schedule a Consultation

We encourage you to schedule a consultation to help your loved one with Down syndrome or special needs adjust to our office environment. We want them to be as comfortable as possible. An early evaluation and diagnosis can prevent oral health concerns from worsening and becoming more costly. Please help us understand their needs by telling us about factors like these:

  • Sensitivity to light, noise, or motion of the dental chair or a panoramic X-ray
  • Items that can serve as distracters during the visit
  • Behaviors that show your loved one is particularly anxious
  • How your child or loved one communicates
  • Word or phrases that work best with your loved one

We look forward to helping your loved one with Down syndrome, autism, or special needs have a healthy, attractive smile and better quality of life.

Call us to schedule an appointment with Dr. Tostado or complete our appointment request form.