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Wisdom Tooth Removal for Braces

I’m getting braces and my dentist wants me to have my two upper wisdom teeth removed in order to do it. I am worried about that. Here is some background. I am in my early 20s. I have a missing right incisor that never came in. My canine is taking up the missing space. I’m also missing a left canine for the same reason. If my wisdom teeth are not bothering me, why should they be removed?


Dear Callie,

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I would definitely get the wisdom teeth extracted if that is what your dentist is telling you. It may be that you need the space in order to fill in those areas with replacement teeth. At least, I hope that is what he is planning to do. You do NOT want him moving your canine teeth next to your cental insicors and try to make the canine teeth to look like lateral insicors. This would end up making your smile look really weird. You would need one of the top cosmetic dentists in the country to pull that off, which would cost you a fortune.

Another cosideration is how complicated your orthodontics case is. Unless your dentist has some post doctoral training in orthodontics, and a lot of it, you will be much safer seeing an orthodontist for this one. It is always possible your dentist does have this training, but I would make certain first.

As for the wisdom tooth extractions. You are at the perfect age for that. There is not much cementum accumulation at the roots of your teeth and the bones are still plaible. Getting them extracted now, rather than waiting until there is a problem and the procedure becomes more complicated could end up being a blessing for you.

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