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Will Teeth Effects Bands Make My Teeth Come Loose?

I had braces but the orthodontist didn’t tell me that the gap to my front teeth would come back literally the next day after stopping my retainer. There is a small mass of tissue between my front teeth. I don’t know if that is the cause or not. Either way, because of this shifting I wore my retainer until it broke. I’d recently tried teeth effects bands, but then a friend sent me an article about how dangerous these are and that people are losing their teeth because of them. Is that true? Is there anything I can do about this gap?


Dear Casey,

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First, the most important thing is that you stop using the Teeth Effects Bands. Your friend is right. These can cause serious problems. They are basically just rubber bands worn on the teeth. Here are the two types of complications (thus far) seen with these:

First, because they lack controlled movement by a professional orthodontist, there is no time for the bone to integrate with tooth movement. There have been cases when teeth have come loose or even been pulled out of its socket. In other cases, the bands have worked their way up and under the gums of the person wearing them causing pain, infection, and even teeth falling out.

While some patients can just wear their retainer the prescribed time, after their braces treatment is finished, others need to continue with it their entire lives. Based on what you’ve said, I see a few options for you. Please bear in mind that I haven’t actually examined you or seen where the problem is coming from.

Option 1: Have the small mass of tissue removed, then have another retainer made to wear short term.

Option 2: Have another retainer made and wear it long term.

Option 3: Have a permanent retainer made. These are bonded to your teeth and can even be bonded behind them so no one sees them.

See an orthodontist you trust and get this taken care of. But, please, for the sake of your teeth, stop using those Teeth Effects Bands.

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