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Avoiding Enamel Damage During Braces

My older sister had braces and her enamel ended up deteriorating. When her braces come off there were the white spots and they turned into cavities. I’m about to have braces and I am terrified that I’m going to have the same thing happen. Is there anything that I can do that will keep that […]


Should I Wear My Retainer Fulltime?

I had braces several years ago and had a retainer that I wore full time for a month and then was supposed to go to just overnight. Then, I stopped wearing it for a while. As a result, I ended up having a relapse of my teeth shifting. My dentist said I could either redo […]


Will Teeth Effects Bands Make My Teeth Come Loose?

I had braces but the orthodontist didn’t tell me that the gap to my front teeth would come back literally the next day after stopping my retainer. There is a small mass of tissue between my front teeth. I don’t know if that is the cause or not. Either way, because of this shifting I […]